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What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is an artificial replacement of tooth root that is anchored into a pre-drilled hole in the jaw-bone to provide support to a crown, bridge or even a full denture in place. Dental implants are made of titanium, a material that is well tolerated (biocompatible) by the human body and quickly integrates (Osseo integration) with bone tissue.

When placing an implant, the oral surgeon achieves a close contact between the surface of the implant and the tissue of jaw-bone. With time the implant integrates into the jaw-bone creating a robust and durable support for the replacement tooth. If there is a requirement for the replacement of more than one tooth an implant supported bridge or a full denture is built on implants.

Why should I get a dental implant?

If you are sick and tired of all the embarrassment of slipping dentures, not being able to eat the food that you love and the ineffectiveness of denture adhesives or just want to have one missing tooth to be replaced, then the dental implant is the perfect solution for you. The placement of the implant will be tailored according to your needs.

Still hesitant about implants? Here are some of the possible aftermaths of missing teeth:

  • Contiguous teeth might move towards the gap. Thus your denture might loosen up. This can cause you difficulty in chewing that might lead to indigestion.
  • If you don’t act as soon as possible your jawbone starts losing bone mass with time. Bone resorption may result in a transformation of your face into a strange appearance.
  • During the chewing process, food residues might stay in the gap that hurts the neighboring teeth (both sides).
  • Furthermore, missing incisors might give you a hard time in talking, and you might lose confidence in public.

Benefit of dental implants

  • A perfect solution to replace dentures – secure, stable and securely attached to the jaw; fit comfortably.
  • Feels natural and fits in the oral cavity – no need for creams or adhesives.
  • Allow healthy teeth to be preserved by not having to chisel them for teeth replacements.
  • Biocompatible – accepted by the body and serves as a vigorous and sturdy foundation for replacement teeth.
  • Life-long dental solution for tooth replacement – investment can last a lifetime!
  • Not carcinogenic – material used is pure titanium and a titanium alloy.
  • Implants do not corrode – safe in the moist and harsh oral environment.Titanium implants are not allergic or toxic.
  • Easy care and cleaning – using everyday oral care tools such as interdental brush and single tufted brush will do.
  • Help restore healthy chewing capacity – and regain the smile you always wanted.

Am I a good candidate for dental implants?

Dental implants can be placed in the jaw of patients of any age (with fully developed jaw-bones), provided that they have a sufficient quantity and quality of jaw bone tissue available. Most healthy individuals that maintain a good oral hygiene are suitable candidates for dental implants.

Circumstances where implants may not be appropriate, or situations that have an increased risk of implant failure, include:

  • Heavy smoking: this will impede and decelerate the healing process
  • Excessive alcohol intake: disrupts healing process of the gums
  • Periodontal gum disease: has to be treated before implantation since severe gum disease causes jaw bone loss
  • Immunocompromised patients: steroids, patients undergoing radiation treatment, autoimmune disease
  • Teeth grinders (bruxism): in case of bruxism so called mouth guard or night guard (also known as occlusal splint) is provided to prevent the chipping of porcelain crowns
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How do I know that I have enough bone for a dental implant?

You cannot know or estimate if the jawbone is sufficient or not.

Based on the combination of dental X-rays and a CT scan we use, your bone density and volume can be assessed, and information about nearby anatomical structures (such as nerves) can also be gathered. The dentist might indicate that your bone would need support, i.e. an artificial bone replacement/grafting or sinus lift. This step is before building up the dental implant.

Why is regular check-up important after dental implant surgery?

Yearly check-up after a dental implant is even greater than in the case of other dental treatments. This is because a dental implant is a severe intervention into your body.

Although the dentists at Klironomou Dental Clinic use the best material available on the market, treat your teeth with the high quality of expertise as well as take your health status into consideration, still any trouble may arise later on. It is strongly advised therefore to see your dentist as advised.

The consequences of neglecting dental check-ups after an implant:

  • Any infections might develop faster on gums or in the bone
  • Possible bone loss around the implant cannot be detected on time

How much does dental implant cost?

The expenses of an implantation depend on the complexity of the treatment, the used materials and suggested prosthetic works. Possible bone grafting or sinus lift can also affect the costs. The patient then receives a comprehensive treatment plan supplied with the positions and number of the teeth to be treated (implantation, bone grafting), prosthetic and laboratory works (preparing of the new teeth in the dental laboratory). So the costs of implantation treatments are not easy to compare.

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