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As we get older, our teeth tend to naturally darken, and the consumption of certain colored foods and beverages and smoking contribute to the staining process of our teeth over time.

We have good news for you, we can slow down or reverse the process of darkening your teeth!

Teeth Whitening ankara

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a safe dental procedure developed to brighten your smile without removing any of the tooth surfaces and should be performed under the control of your dentist. It is used as a highly effective method of removing the original yellow color of teeth and stains from teeth including tobacco, coffee, tea, etc.

We use two techniques for teeth whitening: in-office teeth whitening and tray whitening at home.


What is in-office teeth whitening?

In-office whitening is the best alternative for you when you want an instant whitening effect on a special day. For this process, we first apply a protective gel to the gums. After that, the light-activated whitening gel is placed on the teeth. The light-emitting laser source is applied to the teeth for a certain time to increase the whitening gel’s effectiveness.

What is at-home teeth whitening?

You can choose the at-home whitening option when you do not have time for in-office bleaching or to prolong the effect of in-office bleaching and make it more permanent.

We take an impression of your mouth, to prepare a take-home tray for use as a home tooth-whitening kit.

You reach the desired result with the whitening tray used every day for an average of 1 week.

We will give you a set of instructions so that the effectiveness of your whitening will continue for many years.

Dental Bleaching Ankara

What to do before teeth whitening treatment?

With a clinical and radiological examination, your dentist checks whether your teeth and mouth are suitable for whitening. Tooth decay, cracked teeth, or gum problems must be resolved before whitening. Otherwise, the teeth whitening process can worsen your teeth’ existing problems.

What to do after teeth whitening treatment?

You should limit the consumption of colored drinks and foods such as tea, coffee, strawberry, cherry, tomato sauce, etc. during the bleaching process and for 2 weeks after the bleaching process to prolong the permanence of your whitening process.

Finally, twice-daily brushing and having your dentist professionally clean once a year can help prevent stains from forming on your teeth.

What can I expect after my teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening may cause sensitivity in the gums and teeth during and after the procedure. These side effects are temporary for both and disappear after a few days.

In addition, you can experience this process more comfortably with the desensitizing agents we apply after the procedure and the special toothpaste we will give you.

How long will the results of teeth whitening last?

The permanence of the teeth whitening process depends on personal habits such as frequent consumption of colored foods such as coffee and tea or cigarettes.

The permanence of teeth whitening is 2 years on average in individuals with good oral care.

How often should teeth whitening be done?

Professional teeth whitening done in the dentist’s office is recommended once in 2 years, depending on how long our patients maintain results. At-home whitening is recommended once a year to maintain and extend the results.

*** If you have a question in this section, you can reach us via e-mail (eotclinicturkey@gmail.com), so we can answer any questions that need to be answered specifically according to your situation.

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