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Root canal treatment Turkey “Change your opinions, keep to your principles; change your leaves, keep intact your roots.” –  Victor Hugo

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What is root canal treatment- endodontics?

Toothache is one of the most common dental problems and none of us want to experience it. But toothache is responsible for millions of emergency dentist visits each year. Nothing slows down your day like a toothache. The good news is that most toothaches can be easily resolved with the help of a qualified dentist.

What is root canal treatment- endodontics?

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure applied to treat the infection that occurs as a result of the loss of vitality of the vein and nerve packages that provide the vitality of the tooth due to trauma and caries cavity.

When the dental pulp is irreversibly damaged, this tissue located in the root of the tooth is properly removed, the root canals are cleaned and shaped with special devices, disinfected with special solutions and filled with a biocompatible material.

Is root canal treatment painful?

Root canal treatment used to worry patients because it was a treatment method that required long sessions in the past, but now it has become a very comfortable, painless and short-term treatment with the development of technology.

Who should perform a root canal treatment?

The root canal system of each tooth and individual shows a complex structure. Root canal treatment should be performed by experienced specialists, as non-ideal treatment attempts may fail and cause tooth loss.

In which cases should I have root canal treatment?

  • In which cases is root canal treatment required?
  • If you have deep carious cavities that have progressed to the dental pulp,
  • If the pulp of your tooth is inflamed for any reason (high fillings, high degree of bruxism, chemical irritations, etc.),
  • If your tooth has lost its vitality as a result of a deep fracture-crack formed as a result of trauma,
  • If it is necessary to increase or decrease the tooth length or to change its position in the anterior-posterior direction for prosthetic reasons
  • If your previous root canal treatment was unsuccessful and you have pain due to lesion development at the root apical.
root canal treatment

Do I need root canal treatment even if there is no pain?

Root canal treatment is not always a procedure that should only be applied to the painfull tooth.

You need root canal treatment even if you don’t feel pain when the pulp of your tooth is damaged or infected and it is possible to easily diagnose this condition with clinical and radiological evaluations.

Teeth in this situation can cause the spread of microorganisms to the body as a source of focal infection. Root canal treatment should be performed on these teeth even though there is no pain.

How many visits are required for root canal treatment?

A root canal generally requires one or rarely two appointments to complete, according to newly developed materials and current research.

What are steps of root canal treatment?

  1. Cleaning the root canal

The dentist removes the diseased and dead pulp tissue that is inside the root canal with makes a small access hole on the surface of the tooth under local anesthesia and shapes the root canal with small special files.

  1. Filling the root canal

The tooth is filled with a rubber-like material, using an adhesive biocompatible material to seal the canals completely.

  1. Crown or filling

Although the root canal treated tooth provides its nourishment from the ligaments that connects the surrounding tooth to the bone, it will be more fragile than it was before, so a crown or filling recommended for protection.

You can safely use your root canal treated tooth as before, after the crown or filling is done.

How is recovering after root canal treatment?

You should avoid biting and chewing hard foods until your root canal treatment and crown or filling are completed.

Your root canal treated and restored teeth should no longer be painful, but you may feel sore when eating for a few days.

You can take painkillers, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen, to relieve any discomfort.

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