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Dental Veneers in Ankara Turkey

Dental Veneers in Ankara

If the appearance of your teeth is getting you down, why not consider our composite veneers and porcelain veneers Ankara treatments?

Dental Veneers in Ankara

All of our dental veneers Ankara work is carried out Eot Clinic Ankara. Dental veneers in Ankara are custom-made ceramic facings that are bonded to the front of discoloured, chipped, cracked, poorly positioned or poorly shaped teeth.


Here at Smile Cliniq, a leading dentist Ankara, we offer many types of dental veneers Ankara, although our preference is for Emax veneers (an advanced type of porcelain veneers) or composite veneers. The materials used by our ceramists to create your veneer teeth provide the most aesthetic man made alternative to natural tooth tissue.

Rapid advances in ceramic technology and resin bonding systems has revolutionised the concept of using composite veneers and porcelain veneers to ‘design a smile’. Preparation varies from patient to patient and is usually very minimal. If required, our Dentists carry out a minimal tooth reduction of 0.5mm – 1mm for our ceramist to create your perfect smile. See our portfolio on Dental Veneer and Veneer Teeth.

Porcelain Veneers Ankara

Here at Eot Clinic, our preference for the type of porcelain dental veneers in Ankara we offer is Emax veneers.  Never before has a material been able to combine high strength, aesthetics and ease of use into one product, until now. Emax veneers are a form of high strength porcelain veneers that are custom made and bonded to teeth to improve the aesthetics and strength of the teeth or to enhance their function.

Emax veneers are pressed ceramic and their high strength and durability make it possible to produce them in very thin layers allowing little or no preparation  of the teeth.  This is one of the biggest advantages of Emax veneers and hence avoiding drilling the teeth to peg shapes as can be necessary with more conventional porcelain veneers.  Because the bond is with the enamel, this also allows much stronger bond between the veneer and tooth than bonding to the inner part of the tooth, known as the dentine.

Composite Veneers Ankara

Composite veneers, also known as direct veneers, are made out of composite material and used to improve the appearance of damaged, discoloured teeth or teeth with unattractive gaps or improper alignment. Composite dental veneers Ankara are created by the dentist in the surgery so this aesthetic improvement can be done in just one appointment. In comparison, porcelain veneers are created in a dental laboratory and usually require two or three appointments to complete. Composite veneers are a cost-effective solution to repair and improve the appearance of teeth. However, they may not be as aesthetically naturally looking as porcelain ones.

Dental Veneers, Improve mishappen teeth

  • Conceal chipped or damaged teeth: Teeth can become damaged through decay, gum disease or accidents. Chipped and broken teeth can be unsettling, but confidence can quickly be regained through veneers.
  • Brighten stained or discoloured teeth: Over time, teeth can discolour through staining, trauma, foods and drinks, smoking or various other causes. But not all types of discolouration or fluorosis can be treated with teeth whitening options. Therefore our specialists might recommend the placement of veneers for a more satisfactory and effective solution.
  • Straighten teeth: Porcelain veneers are one of the fastest and easiest ways to straighten teeth without braces. In addition, veneers are known to camouflage many orthodontic issues. However, they will not change the position of your teeth; for example, the underlying teeth will remain crooked while the veneers on top give the appearance of a straighter smile. Therefore, veneers are recommended for aesthetic purposes rather than functional problems.

Achieve a more even smile: Veneers can conceal problem teeth that are tooth short, too long or uneven. Veneers can also close uneven spaces between teeth, making them the perfect option for gapped smiles.

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