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How And When To Seek Emergency Dental Care In Ankara

Emergency Dental Care In Ankara

There are some instances when you definitely know that you need emergency dental care. However, there are other times when it might seem that you could leave seeking professional attention until a later date when, in fact, it’s incredibly important that you visit an emergency dentist in Ankara right away.

Really any time that you chip, knock out or otherwise damage your teeth or gums we advise you to make it your first priority to visit a dentist.

EOT Clinic is available whenever you need emergency dental care in Ankara. Here, we’ll take a few moments to explain how to go about accessing it and how we can help at short notice.

When Emergency Dental Care Matters Most

Any accident or other form of injury that results in a chipped or broken tooth can be quite traumatic, both physically and emotionally. If you do damage a tooth it is always preferable to seek dental treatment right away. You might think that you can see the extent of the injury but you can’t know exactly what is going on internally until you have seen a professional, and acting fast can prevent further problems from developing.

If you need an emergency dentist in Ankara, even if you’re not registered with us or not from the area, you can get in touch with EOT Clinic on 90 533 598 56 71 and ask to see a dentist as soon as possible.

If you knock out one or more teeth, that is the time when it is more important than ever to seek emergency dental care. You’re in Ankara, reach out to EOT Clinic should this happen. When a tooth has actually come out, the sooner you see a professional the more chance there is that the tooth could be re-implanted.

What to do when a tooth gets knocked out

For a knocked-out tooth keep it clean, avoid handling the root and take it with you to see a dentist as soon as you possibly can.

In some cases you may even be able to put the tooth back into its socket. If it feels possible to do so, place the tooth lightly in its socket then bite down on a clean paper towel for 15 – 20 seconds. This is absolutely NOT a substitute for emergency dental care and you should seek appropriate medical attention as soon as possible but it is the best course of action, if it is possible.

Eot Clınıc Emergency Dentıst In Ankara

Here at EOT Clinicl in Ankara, we offer same day appointments for emergency cases. Emergencies include chipped and broken teeth, lost and broken crowns and fillings, abscesses, toothache and trauma to the mouth. If you feel that you have an emergency situation that doesn’t fit into this list, please do still call us on 90 533 598 56 71.

When you contact us, explain your situation and ask to see a dentist right away. We will always do our best to accommodate.

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