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Sinus Lift Treatment in Ankara: All You Need to Know

Sinus Lift Treatment in Ankara

Having healthy and strong dental implants isn’t always a walk in the park. This procedure is frequently recommended by dentists for people who need dental implants but lack underlying bone support. Sinus lift treatment is a procedure that can be performed by oral surgeons or periodontists. It is a common operation done across the offices of various Ankara medical specialists today. The beauty of a sinus lift procedure is that it enables individuals with even significant bone loss to enjoy the full benefits of their dental implants.

Sinus lift surgery is also known as sinus augmentation or sinus transplant surgery. Keep reading to learn more about the procedure, risks, recovery, and cost of sinus lift treatments.

Sinus Lift Procedure

One of the most popular bone grafting procedures performed on dental implant patients is sinus augmentation. The amount of bone in the jaw required for dental implants is increased by a sinus lift operation. Sinus augmentations are also performed during a full mouth reconstruction.

What happens before a sinus lift procedure?

Before having a sinus lift, the first step is to talk to your Ankara doctor about where the bone to be transplanted will come from. In sinus lift procedures, there are three types of bone that are commonly used. These are the following:

  • Autogenous bone: This means bone from your body. It is usually taken from other areas of your mouth or body.
  • Allogenic bone: Bone from a cadaver
  • Bone from a cow (Xenograft)
  • It is also possible to use a fabricated, synthetic bone-like material.

Following the discovery of the bone source, your Ankara dental specialist or surgeon will examine the architecture of your jaw and sinuses with great care. Accurate measurements will be taken. This is done to determine the existing bone’s width and height while evaluating your sinuses. After completing these steps, your Ankara dental specialist and surgeon will move forward with the sinus lift procedure.


Some of the most common side effects of a sinus lift operation are swelling and bleeding. There is however, just minor discomfort. After recovering from anesthesia, patients are free to return home. The major part of recovery from a sinus augmentation is to keep the bone graft in place. This is why recovery instructions usually given by Ankara doctors include:

  • Use antibiotics if and as prescribed to reduce infection.
  • Do not blow your nose vigorously.
  • Refraining from smoking because it can impair healing time.
  • Take pain relievers to relieve any discomfort you might feel.
  • Refrain from drinking from a straw. This could dislodge blood clots that prevent bleeding.

You’ll normally have a follow-up appointment with your dental specialist within 7-10 days after your sinus lift surgery if everything went well. During the meeting, the specialist evaluates the surgery site and may remove stitches that have not yet disintegrated prior to this meeting. It takes at least 6 months for a sinus lift to fully recover. This is typically how long it takes for the sinuses to heal and the bone to strengthen  sufficiently to accommodate dental implants. Depending on the individual, recovery can take anywhere from 4 to 12 months.

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