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Smile Design

Combine your travel in Ankara with high-quality dental treatment for smile design. Smile Designers are proud members of the dental health tourism Cluster and can’t wait to welcome you to Turkey! Dental Tourism in Ankara with Eot Clinic , the Number one Cosmetic Dentistry provider in Turkey. Eot Clinic Turkey highly specialized, skilled and experienced team is proud to offer cosmetic dental services of the highest quality at an affordable cost to international patients outside Turkey.

What is smile design in Turkey?

Smile design is a procedure that manages to change the color, size, shape and position of the teeth, according to the need of each case. The purpose of this is to give the patient a harmonious smile. This entails carrying out a previous clinical examination with photographs, x-rays, tomography and study models. Having all this information the doctor will have the correct diagnosis, offering a successful treatment plan.

Questions about smile design

Which stages are followed in smile design?

  • Intraoral examination
  • Determining patient preferences
  • Bleaching, if necessary
  • Planning of implant placement or bridging in the event of lost teeth
  • Smile design based on the relationship between the jaws and teeth
  • Preparation of the teeth and gums according to the planned treatment (aligning the gum where required)
  • Transfer of the design into the mouth using temporary materials
  • Permanent application of the design to the teeth after gaining patient approval

Can I change the shape and size of my teeth?

Giving you a new smile that we determine together is possible using composites and veneers, as far as the relationship between the jaws and teeth permits.

Can the gaps between my teeth be closed without dental braces?

It is possible to close gaps between teeth using composite and ceramic laminate veneers.

Can I see my smile design beforehand?

Of course! We have the ability to design the smile you wish to have and decide on the final appearance based on the records obtained using 3-dimensional scanners and professional photographs transferred to our experienced dental technicians.

How long does smile design take?

The smile design procedure takes around four sessions over 7–10 days, involving a preliminary interview and the taking of measurements, the temporary transfer of the design to the teeth, the preparation of the teeth and further measurements, and the fitting of the design and gluing of the design to the teeth.

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