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The best pediatric dentistry clinic in Ankara, Turkey

The best pediatric dentistry Ankara


At EOT Kids Club, our aim is to ensure that every child overcomes their fear of the dentist in a fun environment and our aim is not just a happy smile, but create happy pediatric patients who will enjoy going to the dentist for life. If you see a tooth in your child’s mouth, it’s time to go to the dentist, and usually your child’s first teeth begin to appear in their mouth at 6 months of age. We also recommend making an appointment immediately if you notice anything abnormal (white spots, lesions, bleeding, etc.) in your child’s mouth.

Pediatric Dentistry in Turkey Ankara

The Best Pediatric dentistry is one of the branches of dental science that we provide service in Turkey, Ankara which includes the development of deciduous and permanent teeth of children aged 0-14, as well as the treatment of caries, trauma or hereditary problems in these teeth. In addition, we follow not only the dental problems of children in Turkey, but also their jaw and facial development.

The Best Pediatric Dentistry in Ankara

Some of our patients visit Ankara with their kids and get their kids’ dental procedures while they are getting theirs done. Eot Clinc Turkey provides a relaxed atmosphere and comfortable environment for the child, as well as trained specialists that ensure the efficiency and quality of the treatments. We place great importance on behaviour management. We believe it is key to a successful treatment, as the cooperation of the child is crucial to achieve successful results.

Why should I take my child specifically to the pediatric dentist?

Pediatric dentists are experienced in how to make a seemingly frightening experience fun for your children, and the more fun your child’s visits to the dentist are, the happier your children may be with a six-month visit to the dentist for checkups.

Do baby teeth need restoration?

The common question asked to the dentist is: Why should we restore primary teeth? They’re going to fall anyway. There are several reasons why milk teeth are important and properly cared for.

  • They are the only teeth your child has at this point in his life. Although milk teeth are thought to be only “temporary” teeth, this temporary period covers the first 12 years of a child’s life. Milk teeth are as important for the child in this period as permanent teeth are for you.
  • The anatomy of primary teeth is similar to permanent teeth and is also susceptible to decay. When the caries reaches the nerve, an abscess develops at the root end, resulting in pain and swelling.
  • Baby teeth provide proper nutrition and speech development of the child during the developmental period, therefore they are necessary.
  • Primary teeth act as natural placeholders and act as a guide for permanent teeth to erupt into their normal position.

Is anesthetized dental treatment risky in children?

Dental treatment under anesthesia is carried out in health institutions with general anesthesia conditions in accordance with the Universal Guidelines for General Anesthesia and Sedation Practices in Dentistry, accompanied by an anesthesiologist, with a pediatric dentist and an experienced team to assist him. It is a preferred application for patients with very high levels of fear and anxiety, or children with insufficient cooperation, and children with special needs, if necessary. Dental treatment is carried out without risk, by providing the necessary conditions in a fully-equipped hospital environment with which our clinic is contracted.

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