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Turkey health tourism for dental implant treatment

Dental health tourism Turkey

Dental tourism has become a massive industry in recent years where people can travel abroad and have good quality dental implant treatment for a much better price. Dental implant  tourism means traveling outside of your home country to receive dental treatment services. There are many advantages of choosing a country like Turkey for dental tourism as in other health tourism areas. Because Turkey is a country that has both natural and historical beauties as well as health tourism. In other words, the country’s tourism infrastructure is ready.

Because of all these advantages, is it worth getting dental implants in Turkey? Thousands of international patients coming to Turkey for dental implant treatment from many countries every year state that they receive much better treatment at lower prices in Turkey. In other words, it is definitely worth coming to Turkey for your dental implants. Although many international patients come to Turkey for their treatment, they also spend their holidays here. The country, which has a strong tourism potential, has luxury hotels and rich transportation options.


Questions about the implants

Are implant treatments suitable for everyone?

Anyone who has lost a tooth can benefit from implant treatments, based on an evaluation of the systemic and overall health status of the patient. As the placement of normal dental implants is no more traumatic than the surgical removal of a tooth, dental implants can be fitted using the appropriate protocols in any patient capable of undergoing tooth extraction, with the ultimate goal being to provide the patient with a quality chewing function.


What are the advantages of dental implants?

In dental implants, a titanium screw mimics the tooth root. In the presence of an appropriate indication and with the correct application, dental implants allow the replacement of lost teeth without touching the neighboring teeth in patients with several missing teeth. It allows quality (fixed or mobile) chewing in fully toothless patients, while also preventing the bone resorption and bone loss associated with total prostheses in the long term.

How many times will I have to visit the dentist for a dental implant?

With the existing technologies and under the current conditions, implants can be placed in the same session as a tooth extraction. In other words, depending on the site of implantation and the number of implants, the surgical stage can be completed in 1–2 sessions, that is, over a maximum of 1 week. Then, 7–8 days after the completion of the osteointegration phase (union with the bone), the prosthesis is finished in 2–4 sessions.

How long does a dental implant take?

Under appropriate conditions (that is, if bone powder or major surgery are not required), a single implant can be made in around 10 minutes in experienced hands.

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Is the brand of the dental implant important?

The brand of the implant is important, and the patient must know which brand of implant they have been fitted in case of minor complications (loose screw, etc.) that may occur in the future. Our patients purchase not the implant, but the application of the implant (surgery and prosthetic). For this reason, many factors such as the doctor’s experience with the brand, the range of surgical and prosthetic options of the brand, and the digital dentistry network of the brand all affect brand selection. The brands used in our clinic provide global spare part support. They have gained acceptance in scientific literature and all are applied with peace of mind.

Can I learn the price of implant treatments?

Of course, detailed dental treatment costs can be accessed in the Dental Treatment Costs section.

Is there a specialized branch of dentistry for dental implants?

Dental implant procedures are carried out by our clinic by Assoc. Prof. Erhan Dursun, who has numerous international publications in this field, provides education across the country, and has been an invited speaker at several national and international congresses.

What is the lifespan of a dental implant?

There is no fixed lifespan for dental implants if placed using the appropriate surgical and prosthetic techniques, although providing a lifelong guarantee for such treatments is not scientifically viable. This treatment is offered to patients who have lost their own teeth, and while dental implants do not decay, problems may occur in the tissues around the implant in patients who are prone to gum disease. For this reason, dental implant treatments should be considered a long-term solution, provided that the patient pays attention to personal oral hygiene and keeps up with regular controls. We have many patients registered with our clinic who continue to be followed up 20 years after having undergone dental implant treatment.

What kind of problems can occur related to dental implants?

The leading complication encountered with appropriately placed implants is non-union with the bone tissue, which occurs in 1–2% of cases. Other potential complications include injury to important anatomical structures, such as the maxillary sinus and mandibular nerve, which may occur as a result of inappropriate planning and lack of experience.  The possible complications are minimized in our clinic through the use of 3-dimensional radiological imaging (CBCT) and appropriate treatment planning by our experienced doctors.

How many doctors in your clinic carry out dental implant surgery?

All surgical procedures, including dental implant surgeries, are carried by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Erhan Dursun in our clinic.

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