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Dental Tourism in Turkey – Oral and Dental Health Clinic ANKARA

Dental Tourism in Turkey - Oral and Dental Health Clinic ANKARA

Dental Tourism has been slowly gaining momentum in the last few years. Dental tourism is the combination of dental treatment and vacation. Turkey is known as an ideal holiday destination with hundreds of beauties to see, discover and enjoy.

Dental treatments offered in Turkey are of the same quality as other countries and offer very attractive solutions regarding the prices of dental services. The cost of dental treatment in countries such as the USA, Belgium, Luxembourg or Switzerland can sometimes be three times more than in Turkey (with the same quality dental services). Some price examples (for example in Switzerland) are prices for normal white tooth fillings between 200-400 euros, while in Turkey prices vary from 50 euros to a maximum of 80 euros.

Another example from the same country is the dental implant, which costs over 3000 Euros with the final coating. In Turkey, the same treatment is provided at half the price. Therefore, patients, especially those with large treatment plans and high financial demands, are highly recommended to seek treatment and entertainment in Turkey between their treatment holidays in Ankara.

Dental tourism in Turkey – EOT Clinic

At EOT, after examining the patient’s radiographs (situation radiographs – small radiographs on each tooth individually – or panoramic radiographs for implant placement, or even CT images and three-dimensional CAD-CAM images sent by the patient to artdent). Then, an initial evaluation and interview is made with the patient, and detailed planning of all necessary appointments is made. The patient can benefit from exploring Turkey within the time required for the treatment to take place.

Dental tourism in Turkey – Places to visit

Turkey, a fascinating combination of west and east, is a dazzling meeting point of antiquity and modernity. Ankara, the capital of this magnificent country, is a magnificent holiday destination to enjoy a dream holiday amidst the rich culture full of ancient vibes with the essence of modern touches. Adorned with majestic castles, fascinating museums, lush parks, charming markets and classic restaurants, Turkey is pure bliss. From exploring the rich Anatolian civilizations, tasting delicious food, to indulging in fascinating adventure activities, there are many things to do in Ankara for a delightful escape. The lively city’s attractions are diverse and attract tourists from all over the world.
The city now spreads in all directions along valleys and hills, but you only need to pay attention to a few specific areas during your visit, such as Ulus, Çankaya, Kızılay, Altındağ.

Ankara’s attractions such as the castle, Anatolian Civilizations Museum, Anıtkabir (Atatürk’s Mausoleum) and Roman ruins can keep you fully occupied for a day.

This city is full of surprises. During your visit, you will be amazed by the surrounding history, art, archaeology, music, nature and much more.

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