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Preventative Dental Care In Ankara

Preventative Dental Care In Ankara

Preventative dental care is the best investment in your health you can make. General dentistry procedures like regular tooth cleanings and dental sealants protect your natural teeth so you don’t need restorative procedures. And preventative dental care extends the life of your restorations as well, helping you get decades of life out of your beautifully restored smile. Even better, preventative dental care protects your overall health by reducing your risk for periodontal disease and lowering your body’s bacteria load. Don’t let your regular dental care become neglected. Protect yourself, your teeth, and your overall health by scheduling a routine dental appointment today. Please call for an appointment with Dentistry in EOT Clinic, Ankara today.

Preventative Dental Care : A Team Effort

Preventative dental care uses two strategies: your daily dental hygiene routine and your regular visits to a general dentist twice a year.

Your daily dental hygiene is probably the most important part of your preventative dental care. Make sure you brush at least twice a day and floss every day to protect your teeth and gums from bacteria.

Your General Dentistry Visit: Hygiene and More

Because we are a general dentistry practice, in addition to our other dental services, we perform a number of preventative dental care procedures, such as a thorough tooth cleaning. We will polish your teeth, giving them a smooth, bright look. If you’re still unhappy with the color of your teeth after a cleaning, it’s time to consider teeth whitening.

We will also remove any tartar that has built up where you do not normally reach with your brushing and flossing. This tartar is actually the calcified remains of bacteria in your mouth, which creates a shelter for other bacteria, allowing them to thrive.

During your regular visit, we will identify any potential concerns about decay developing in your teeth. Our can identify decay that is just beginning, as well as cavities that have small openings but are large inside. Based on your oral health, we may recommend changes to your regular care routine, or additional procedures such as periodontal treatment.

Finally, we may perform an oral cancer screening depending on your age, health, and risk factors.

The Best Return on Investment

Preventative dental care is the best way to ensure your natural teeth and dental restorations last as long as possible. Restorations that are properly cared for will likely last years longer than those that suffer neglect. In addition, remember that teeth protected with dental crowns and even dental implants are vulnerable to gum disease, which is more likely if you neglect general dentistry care.

Don’t put off your regular dental visit one day more. Please call today to schedule your preventative dental care appointment.

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